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March 26, 2004
Preseason Statistics
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March 9, 2004
Preseason Game Results
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Todd Bohlmann & Jake Kerns (PLAyMaKeR10 14) Dave Myers (braycon7) Evan Darrow (edarrow79) C J Roth (jamslam42) Bob Mayhew Josh Sherlock (SherlockACN) & Mark Anania Derek Bohlmann (DRock242) & Craig Huiting (CHuit11) Alex Villa (AlexReds78) & Steven Myers Matt Riley Kurt Bohlmann (RFengine222)
Howard Trager (HHvBK) Cary Crego & Dustin Ellis  John Brown Dan Stupp (MiguelsOaklandAs) Kevin Cruetz (RyneCubbie23)& Dave Gottschalk Dmitry Epshteyn (depshteyn) Tom Wachter (majorloss67) Jack Burnham & Josh Johnson Kurt Di Sessa (Korv808) Ryan Reynolds (RyReynolds) & Marty Humphries
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