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These stories have previously run on the FJBL headline page.

Pale Hose Get Younger

Tribune-29/01/01-Today the Chicago White Sox made two trades that will alter the course of their franchise and Owner Patrick Mahon say's the trading has just begun.

First off, Catcher Ivan Rodriguez was sent to Kansas City in exchange for Pat Burrell, $7, and a minor league prosect.

In the 2nd deal, Orlando Hernandez, John Wettland, and JT Snow were sent to St Louis for Steve Finley.

The crux of both deal Patrick say was to acquire youth while at the same time releving unwanted salaries. Speculation then is Steve Finley better not unpack his bags just yet.

Why then was Hernandez traded then? Spat Patrick, "I don't want any damm boat people on my team and he's a head case. Dammit to hell this is my team."

And what does this mean to Jeff Bagwell? Pat's reply was, he's on the block along with Steve Finley. More to follow later so we better stay tuned.

Cardinals Get Down To Business

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- The St. Louis Cardinals pulled off a number of trades on a hectic Monday at the front office.

In their first deal of the day, the Redbirds dealt lefty David Wells and third baseman Joe Randa to the Cleveland Indians in exchange for stud 3B Scott Rolen and pitcher Kelvim Escobar.

Escobar was dealt later in the day, to the Minnesota Twins along with $2 cap cash for two prospects: pitcher Bud Smith and catcher Danny Ardoin.

Also, St. Louis sent centerfielder Steve Finley to the Chicago White Sox for starting pitcher Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez, reliever John Wetteland and first baseman J.T. Snow.

"I think, overall, it was a very successful day of trading," GM Ryan Reynolds said. "We lots a very good starting pitcher in David Wells, but picked up a pretty good one in El Duque."

Reynolds said he was also excited about acquiring Scott Rolen.

"He's still a young guy, and he's got a hell of a good glove and plenty of pop in his bat," Reynolds said. "He and Carlos Delgado will provide plenty of power for us this season."

Reynolds also announced his pre-spring training pitching rotations and lineups on Monday.


1. Aaron Sele
2. Orlando Hernandez
3. Rick Helling
4. Rick Reed
5. Pedro Astacio

Middle Relievers/Set-up: Dennis Cook

Mike Trombley
Jeff Fassero
Steve Sparks
Terry Adams
John Wetteland

Closer: Mariano Rivera


Fernando Vina, 2B
Jorge Posada, C
Scott Rolen, 3B
Carlos Delgado, 1B
Bobby Abreu, RF
Rondell White, LF
Barry Larkin, SS
Orlando Palmiero, CF


J.T. Snow
Jeff Conine
Luis Sojo
Chad Allen
Mark Johnson

Reynolds also quelled rumors that the Cardinals were through trading.

"We're still willing to hear all offers," he said.

Cap Cash Update

The amount of cash available to each team in the auction draft can be acccessed by clicking here. If you have any questions, please contact me. This is strictly $300 minus the amount of cash you have exchanged in trades. To determine the amount you will be able to utilize in the auction, take this figure and subtract all salaries on your roster that you will be responsible for at the time of the auction. This is effective as of 1/11/2001. Keep checking back for further updates.

2001 Constitution Posted

The FJBL 2001 League Constitution has been posted on this web site.

"The Constitution has undergone several notable changes," Commissioner, Dave Myers, read in a statement earlier today, "It would behoove all owners to carefully read the new version. All changes become effective at the beginning of the 2001 Auction Draft which represents the official start of the 2001 FJBL season."

"The process of refining this document has been extensive and has the final product was the result of the input of a number of key members of this league and I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to each of them. Without their assistance, this process would have been infinitely more difficult and far less successful."

Click to read the new Constitution

Please forward concerns and comments to the commissioner.

Astacio Moves to Houston to Complete Earlier Deal

He hasn't even been fitted with his New York Yankee World Series ring and he's on his way to Houston.

Pedro Astacio made the trip today, completing the regular season deal between the 'Stros and Yanks that involved, among others, Johnny Damon.

"Astacio's movement is allowed during this non-trading period because he is the completion of an earlier deal, as the player-to-be named," FJBL Commissioner, Dave Myers, proclaimed.

Hopefully, Astacio can survive in Houston without being deported.

FJBL Announces Regular Season Award Winners

Finally! It took weeks. I know, I know, you owners could barely sleep not knowing the results of the voting. But alas, fear not, the results are in and posted below.

A few caveats. For those of you concerned about such silliness, the voting was completed very early in the post-season. These were regular season awards and the post-season was not a factor.

In each case, I'll list the winner and make a useless point or two. In all, twelve owners voted for the awards. What happened to the rest of you, God only knows. There were no rules forbading you to vote for your own players, but some owners didn't anyway. All the voters were well informed and made, I think, intelligent choices.

If you don't like or agree with the results, well, that's why we have a message board. Some were no-brainers. Some were closer than the Bush/Gore election in Florida.

So, without further ado, enjoy.


The AL MVP vote was the closest of all. A solitary vote for Derek Jeter may have made all the difference. As it was, Chipper Jones (ANA) got six votes, one better than Texas' Vladimir Guerrero. If you're keeping track at home, your commissioner voted for Jones - largely because of the 50 bombs (versus 43 for Guerrero) and Anaheim's success. Guerrero's case would have been helped has he finished the season with a playoff team, as Jones did, instead of finishing well below .500.


Williams ran away with this award and deservedly so. He led the NL in batting at .365, hit 23 homers, and stole 19 bases. He's a damn good outfielder, as well, and his team, the Cubs, finished with the NL's best record. He garnered 8 of the 12 votes. Randy Johnson, proving that much like in real life it's hard for a pitcher to win the MVP, collected a pair of votes. Williams teammate, Mike Piazza, got a vote and Brian Giles, with his ridiculous .503 OBP, got a vote as well.


It's not often a Cy Young award winner throws out of the number five hole in the rotation, but that's just what Hampton did for the Yankees this season. He went 23-3 and had a scant 2.40 ERA. His efforts collected him half the twelve votes. The irony here is that one of the Baltimore rotation did not win the award. Kevin Millwood came close getting four votes. Orange Bird, Bartolo Colon, surprisingly not overweight in the FJBL, got a vote and so did Cleveland's Orlando Hernandez who had an absurd seven shutouts, but managed to win just 11 additional games. Not that your commissioner is bitter or anything.


A no-brainer if ever there was one. Johnson was indisputably the best the FJBL had to offer. He went 21-8, which is a sad number considering an ERA of 1.74 and one-third of an inning short of 300 IP's. He struck out 270. He got 11 of the 12 votes. Only Nev, who chose not to vote for his own pitcher, picked someone else. Personally, I think he should have just recused himself, but he selected Greg Maddux. The Big Unit should be renamed the HUGE Unit in the FJBL.


I admit, I selected Benitez, as well, but as good as the reliever was, he was the recipient of Baltimore's 111 win season. It's not that he didn't have the numbers, saving 35 games in 3 chances and posting a 1.54 ERA, but two other candidates had similar ERA's. Mariano Rivera posted a 1.18 ERA, but got just 22 saves in 24 chances despite playing for a Cleveland team that won 89 games. How can that be DMB?? Guess you can't rack up saves when Orlando Hernandez is tossing 17 complete games, huh? Rivera got one vote. Benitez grabbed 10 of the 12 votes. Guardado, the Twins reliever, who deserved recognition, but got almost none in the "small-market" Twin Cities, got the other vote.


The second closest ballot. Zimmerman won by two votes beating Billy Wagner of Arizona. Wagner was my choice, but you're really splitting hairs here. I liked Wagner's six wins and, besides, I get tired of seeing Bob win stuff. Zimmerman was awesome, though, and deserved the award. He better enjoy it - it won't be his next season.


The rookie ran away with this award with 8 votes. His Athletics, nobody's favorite prior to the season, ran away themselves and won 102 games - only the Orioles won more. Personally, I voted for him, because he's the voice of reason amongst you goofball owners. His opinions, most of which you all don't see, are concise and well thought out. He doesn't smack a lot - which is too bad - but I appreciate his point of view when he expresses it. He was flawless with his team this year and more than a little lucky. Other owners getting votes were Cary Crego (who, in the end, deserved it the most) but who lost my vote when he left Hampton in the five spot; John Miernicki who never got enough credit for doing with his team exactly what everyone thought he would. His brilliant move this season occurred in the draft when he picked up Mike Mussina for virtual peanuts and assured an FJBL record 111 wins. Dump the injuries in the post-season and John gets a title. Sucks, don't it? I got the final vote although I have no idea why. No team under-achieved more than the Indians, although we entertained the Yankess with a good race for awhile. I should have been shot for my insistence to bat Mark Grace high in the order while watching him bat near the Mendoza line the last month of the season.


I was so certain the Arizona Diamondbacks would win the NL West this season, I had penciled them in to play the Reds in the post-season. Didn't happen. The Cardinals played like a team on heavy drugs - incredibly high at times and shockingly low at others - but through it all, Ryan kept the faith. He's the funniest s.o.b. on the message board and the weekly adventures of Doug Johns made the season worthwhile to me. Reynolds only got five votes in the most fragmented ballots, but he deservedly got the win. Two rookie GM's winning big awards stuns me and, frankly, hurts my feelings. Or is that my ego? Hmmmmm. Dmitry got a pair of votes and, had he hung on out west, likely would have taken Ryan's spot as winner of this award. Joe Chapman campaigned for this award as if he were running for office and he had room to talk. He punished the commissioner with some 70 billion trades (you'll have the right idea if you reread that last sentence and say "billions" as Carl Sagan might have). His trades helped his team and drove me insane, but he was entertaining and involved and I could use 10 more owners like him. Nev got a vote presumably for having the chutzpah to spend like a madman to obtain Randy Johnson prior to the season. Johnson helped Nev's previously attracious team turn into a post-season contender. By the way, if you don't know, Nev is just short for "Nevets", which is Steven spelled backwards. Don't ask. Bob Gillies got the other vote. I don't remember, but he may have voted for himself. The Cubs led the NL in wins, something the real-life Cubs may never do. Kudos Mr. Gillies. Have another beer.

And that's it for this year. If you want to figure Gold Gloves or Third Base Coaches of the Year, then be my guest. My wife doesn't like this league as it is. It's been a blast. Congratulations to all the winners.

11/13/2000 - commish

FJBL 2000 World Series Results

Yankees Are FJBL 2000 World Series Champions!!!!

Yankees End Suspense Early, Pound Cardinals in 12-1 Win; Earn FJBL World Championship







St Louis 5 @ New York 3 (Cardinals Lead Series 1-0)

St Louis 1 @ New York 7 (Series Tied 1-1)

New York 5 @ St Louis 11 (Cardinals Lead Series 2-1)

New York 5 @ St Louis 3 (Series Tied 2-2)

New York 11 @ St Louis 2 (Yankees Lead Series 3-2)

St Louis 1 @ New York 12 (YANKEES WIN WORLD SERIES 4-2)

Championship Series Results

Eighteen Inning Game Decided By Sosa's Home Run; Amazing Cardinals Get Trip To Series

Classic ALCS Game Seven Decided By Sosa,Orioles Leave Twenty on Base in 1-0 Loss, Yankees Win the AL Penant








New York 0 @ Baltimore 1 (10 innings) (Orioles Lead Series 1-0)

New York 9 @ Baltimore 2 (Series Tied 1-1)

Baltimore 2 @ New York 3 (Yankees Lead Series 2-1)

Baltimore 2 @ New York 1 (Series Tied 2-2)

Baltimore 2 @ New York 0 (Orioles Lead Series 3-2)

New York 8 @ Baltimore 2 (Series Tied 3-3)

New York 1 @ Baltimore 0 (18 innings) (Yankees Win Series 4-3)

Cardinals Win the Penant! Cardinals Win the Penant! Former Scab Reed is Surprise Game Six Hero







Arizona 5 @ St Louis 6 (Cardinals Lead Series 1-0)

Arizona 6 @ St Louis 5 (Series Tied 1-1)

St Louis 3 @ Arizona 5 (Diamondbacks Lead Series 2-1)

St Louis 12 @ Arizona 2 (Series Tied 2-2)

St Louis 6 @ Arizona 1 (Cardinals Lead Series 3-2)

Arizona 2 @ St Louis 6 (Cardinals Win Series 4-2)

Round One Results

Thirteen Innings Later, Diamondbacks Finally Eliminated Favored Cubs








Arizona 1 @ Chicago N 5 (Cubs Lead 1-0)

Arizona 4 @ Chicago N 5 (Cubs Lead 2-0)

Chicago N 4 @ Arizona 7 (Cubs Lead 2-1)

Chicago N 4 @ Arizona 5 (Series Tied 2-2)

Chicago N 5 @ Arizona 4 (Cubs Lead 3-2)

Arizona 4 @ Chicago N 0 (Series Tied 3-3)

Arizona 7 @ Chicago N 1 (13 innings) (Diamondbacks Win Series 4-3)

Omar Lite is Heavy Duty as Cards Head to NL Championship







Cincinnati 0 @ St Louis 1 (Cardinals Lead 1-0)

Cincinnati 5 @ St Louis 6 (Cardinals Lead 2-0)

St Louis 3 @ Cincinnati 2 (Cardinals Lead 3-0)

St Louis 2 @ Cincinnati 3 (Cardinals Lead 3-1)

St Louis 1 @ Cincinnati 2 (11 innings) (Cardianls Lead 3-2)

Cincinnati 1 @ St Louis 5 (Cardinals Win Series 4-2)

Baltimore Finishes Angels - Eye Destiny






Anaheim 8 @ Baltimore 3 (Angels Lead 1-0)

Anaheim 2 @ Baltimore 5 (Series Tied 1-1)

Baltimore 7 @ Anaheim 1 (Orioles Lead 2-1)

Baltimore 3 @ Anaheim 2 (Orioles Lead 3-1)

Baltimore 5 @ Anaheim 3 (Orioles Win Series 4-1)

Four Straight Means Yanks Head to Camden






New York 2 @ Oakland 3 (Athletics Lead 1-0)

New York 7 @ Oakland 2 (Series Tied 1-1)

Oakland 3 @ New York 4 (Yankees Lead 2-1)

Oakland 4 @ New York 5 (Yankees Lead 3-1)

Oakland 2 @ New York 7 (Yankees Win Series 4-1)

Miernicki's View - New York v Oakland

From the Baltimore Dugout - John Miernicki Gives His Playoff Preview

New York Yankees vs. Oakland A's:
The Numbers:
Yankees 97-65 (2nd AL East)
Athletics 102-60 (1st AL West)


An interesting Division Series matchup, versus what appears to be two fairly even teams. The A's and Yankees finished first and second respectively in runs scored in the American League. The A's were second in runs allowed and the Yankees were fourth.


The Yankees get a lot of production from Walker and Sosa, but if the A's can shut them down, or at least minimize the damage they inflict they should be in good shape. On the other hand, the A's have a little bit more balanced attack. They have a bunch of guys with similar numbers and don't appear to be quite as reliant on one or two players.

Slight advantage to the A's here.


Again, the numbers are pretty even. The Yankees can throw Hampton's and his 23-3 2.40 era out on the mound, but the A's can counter with Milton's 20-11 3.10 era. After that the rotations continue in a similar fashion with the A's matching whatever the Yankees put up. The Yankees had a better ERA, but A's allowed fewer runs. The closers are pretty even as well. Veres converted 22 of 28 save opportunities, while Urbina nailed down 24 of 28. Urbina holds an advantage in batting average against and on-base percentage against, over Veres though.

Slight advantage to Yankees in starting pitching, but Urbina gets the nod over Veres at closer.


The A's put up the best home record in the FJBL this season, and they've got home field advantage. They dominated in a division with 4 expansion teams, including themselves, so that is a factor to take into consideration. The Yankees on the other hand managed to beat out the Indians for second place in the East and battled both the Indians and Orioles all season.


The Yankees' pitching is a little better than the A's pitching. The A's offense is a little better than the Yankees', and isn't quite as dependant on a select few players. I believe that had the two teams been in opposite divisions the Yankees would match the A's performance, but I have my doubts about whether the A's could match the Yankees' performance.

However in the end, these look to be two statistically even teams and I think the series will go the full seven games. I'm going to pick the A's in 7, based upon three factors: a more balanced offense, their dominance at home, and the fact that they won 7 of 12 during the season versus New York, including 5 of the last 6 games.

Next up: St Louis vs Cincinnati

Playoff Lineups Set

St Louis hosts Cincinnati; New York Travels to Oakland, Baltimore Entertains Anaheim; D-Backs Make Way to Cub-land

Improbable Ryan Tosses No-Hit Gem at Chicago

For nine innings last night at Wrigley Field, you'd have thought it was Nolan Ryan on the mound for the Montreal Expos instead of Jason Ryan.

Ryan, getting his first action of the season for the struggling Expos, was brilliant, tossing the league's third no hitter of the season. The accomplishment is all the more remarkable considering Chicago is the top scoring team in the FJBL's National League. Ryan walked four and suffered one error by third baseman Michael Barret. The game ended when Ryan set down the heart of the Cub lineup by getting David Justice to ground to second, Bernie Williams to fly to left, and Mike Piazza to hit a fly to straight away center. He did it all with a strong breeze blowing to right field in the venerable park.

"An amazing accomplishment," skipper Jason Razon told reporters. "Jason was nails."

Ryan didn't just beat any scrub September call-up pitcher either - he handed the loss to Chicago's 16-11, Greg Maddux.

Slip-Sliding Away in the Wild Card Races

In Cleveland, the Indians spent a month and a half catching and finally passing the New York Yankees. In a little over a week, they watched it all slip away. The Tribe has won just 3 of its last 10 while the Yankees went 7-3. The result is a game and a half bulge for the pinstripers with 23 games to play for the Tribe.

In the AL West, the Minnesota Twins have pounded out eight straight victories and despite management claiming the team was playing for next season, they've closed to five and a half games of Anaheim for the Wild Card.

In the National League West, St Louis once ran neck and neck with the Arizona Diamondbacks, but have since hit the skids and fallen an astonishing 6.5 games out of the top spot, but more importantly, they've allowed the Giants to close within four games.

The NL East is all but decided with Chicago and Cincinnati holding comfortable margins, but the Cubs lead the Reds by just two games and have lost 60% of their original pitching rotation to playing time restrictions.

The final 20 plus games will go a long way toward determining the participants in the league's third playoff season.

Cincinnati Power Outage Has Fans Seeing Red

The management of the Cincinnati Reds is on the hot seat.

The fans in The Queen City, upset with two recent losses to front-running Chicago, have begun voicing their frustrations at GM Steve Myers. The displeasure originates, according to most fans, as a result of the team's inability to hit the long ball.

"This is ridiculous," Bob Edwards told this reporter, "we couldn't hit the ball out of a little league park. We got like eleven homers as a team all year. It's b.s. I'm tired of losing to the Cubs and I gotta watch 'em on Sports Center cranking out home runs left and right. Horse(crap)!!!"

The Reds lead the league in hitting at a .271 clip, but they've hit a league worst 79 homers. By contrast, the Cubs have 171 round trippers.

To make matters worse, the Reds are second in the league in pitching and third in defense, superior to the Cubs in all three major team categories.

Only power eludes them.

"We've got quality ballplayers," GM Steve Myers said in a prepared statement (rumor is Myers is in Barbados with Brittany Spears), "and I'm confident that come post-season they will respond in an exemplary fashion. Or something like that."

The Reds trail the Cubs by 3.5 games in the NL East and have all but wrapped up a playoff birth. But don't tell that to Reds fans.

"Christ!" Bubba Franks, an P & G employee told fans while in a drunken stupor last evening, "we're the biggest bunch of pansies in the FJBL. Wooo. Wooo. Wooo."

September Races Highlight Season

It's September 2nd and some of the races have aleady been decided - others are more up in the air than anyone would have imagined just a few short weeks ago. Here is a look at each division, who's in, who's out, and who's looking to next year.

AL East

Baltimore is far and away the best team in the FJBL. Well, make that in the history of the FJBL. They will win going away - there magic number is a mere 16 games with 28 games to play. Although they've stumbled lately, their .679 winning pct is nothing short of awesome and translates into a 110 win season. The race here is for the AL East wild card spot. In July, New York threatened to run away, but Cleveland pulled even and eventually gained a two game advantage. That was just two days ago, but a pair of Yankee wins and a two defeats to the Tribe have evened things up with identical 79-56 records. Toronto and Chicago are further behind than Bob Dole was in the last presidential election.

AL West

Oakland has been the season's biggest surprise, but they've earned their spot as the AL West's top dog sporting an impressive 81-53 mark. They're in. Anaheim trails by eight games, but leads third place Minnesota by seven. Even though the Twins have won five straight, Shawn Dylla has made it known his squad is playing for next year. Texas, this season's biggest disappointment and Kansas City bring up the rear. KC is loaded with young talent - Texas needs a new gameplan.

NL East

Easily the best race for a division championship, the Reds and Cubs have been neck and neck most of the season. The separation is 1.5 games right now with the edge belonging, as it has most of the way, to the Northsiders. Cincinnati features Randy Johnson, a solid pen, a slew of top hitters, and virtually no power. Chicago slams teams into submission with Bernie Williams, Todd Helton, Mike Piazza, and the like. This race is fun to watch. Atlanta, winners of nine straight, have pulled to within 8.5 games of Cincinnati, but it's too little too late. Montreal and Philadelphia, finally under excellent ownership, can't wait for next season.

NL West

An exciting race for most of August, the St Louis Cardinals finally hit the skids over the last two weeks and trail Arizona by 7.5. The D-Backs are a given, but suddenly the Cardinals are not. They lead surprising San Francisco by just 3.5 games in the all-virgin division. Milwaukee is improved, but a non-factor for the playoffs. Houston remains horrible, but next season is just six months away.


The post season will see Baltimore face the AL West Runner-Up, almost certainly Anaheim. Oakland will be tested severely when they face the survivor of the Cleveland/New York struggle.

Arizona will likely see the Big Unit, but there are no guarantees, they are just as likely to see Piazza. St Louis, if they can hold on, gets the East Divsion winner and a lot of post-season headaches.

That's where we stand...let the smack BEGIN!!

FJBL Farms, Restricts Players for Time Violations

The FJBL front office, in retard mode for over a month, came out last evening with a list of players who will be farmed for the remainder of the season for playing time violations. The farmed players were sent out in an e-mail to all owners, but consisted of: Alomar (CWS), Schrenk (CWS), Simmons (CWS), Loewer (CWS), Mahomes (CWS), Hammonds (NYY), Lockhart (NYY), Cabrera (NYY), Frias (TOR), Rincon (TOR), Acevedo (TOR), Wells (OAK), Alexander (TEX), Lincoln (ANA), Miller (ANA), Mateo (KAN), Kelly (KAN), Delucci (PHI), Paquette (CHI), Elarton (CHI), Karchner (CHI), Grebeck (HOU), Johnson (HOU), Barker (HOU), Brower (HOU), Delgado (SAN), Collier (SAN), Rios (SAN), Mirabelli (SAN), Pote (SAN), Perez (SAN), Hamilton (SAN).

The FJBL also has restricted playing time of the following players versus left handed pitching (were removed from profiles vs. Lefties): Anderson (CWS), Dransfeldt (CWS), Spiers (CLE), Lopez (TEX), Merced (TEX), Cruz (KAN), Pose (KAN), Ward (ATL), Kennedy (PHI), Harris (CIN), Becker (HOU), Hernandez (SAN).

Finally, the FJBL restricted playing time of the following players versus right handed pitching (were removed from profiles vs Righties): Blauser (MIN), Santangelo (SAN)

Trades Litter FJBL Landscape

Well, at the very least, we know they're happy over at U-Haul. Over the weekend, just two weeks before the FJBL trade deadline, the players were moving teams and cities in such numbers that moving companies were rejoicing.

The main culprit over the past weekend was the Montreal Expos franchise, as their new leader, owner Jason Rozon, began the process of rebuilding the struggling squad. Montral involved itself in three deals - moving players to Arizona, Anaheim, and MIlwaukee. The first deal sent Fletcher, McGlinchy, and Holt to Arizona as the 'Pos received Carpenter, Stinnett, and a prospect pick.

Then Montreal said goodbye to Benes, Singleton, Nathan, and the newly acquired Stinnett and received from Anaheim Halladay, Barret, Rhodes, and Sheets.

The third deal was struck with the prolific Milwaukee Brewers and resulted in the 'Pos picking up Hermanson, Polanco, Botallico, and a prospect pick while shipping out Lee, Surhoff, Valentin, and Snyder.

The only weekend deal not involving the Canadian franchise took place between Houston and St Louis. Ryan Reynolds sent Grace, White, Haynes, Sojo, Padilla, Sears, Johnson, two prospect picks and $8 cap cash to Houston for Delgado, Posada, and Fassero.

With just 16 days remaining before the deadline are more deals on the FJBL horizon? Undoubtedly. The message board continues to be flooded with players up for movement. The clock ticks...

Meet The Owners

Want to know more about the
owners in the FJBL's American League?
Who doesn't?
AL LogoClick here to get the lowdown

Benitez, AL Defense Collapse in Ninth

The American League All-Stars were well on their way to winning their second FJBL All-Star game, leading 3-0 entering the ninth inning. And AL honorary manager, Ted Williams, went to the bullpen, calling on Armando Benitez, the nearly unflapple closer of the Baltimore Orioles.

National League honorary manager, Johnny Bench, just smiled.

"I just felt like we had something for the man and sure enough," Bench said, "we put it together."

Benitez walked the first batter he faced, Albert Belle, then allowed Shawn Green to plug a two-run homer. Still the AL led 3-2.

"I thought about removing him," Williams said, "but I wanted to see the man get an out."

Benitez got the out when he struck out Cirillo, but Pokey Reese followed with a one-out single and Bernie Williams again followed suit. That was all for Benitez.

Then Dave Veres, the surprisingly successful closer for the Yankees, came on to toss for the AL.

"Armando wasn't with us tonight," Williams joked, "and when he left, our defense left with him."

Javy Lopez threw away a dribbler in front of home plate that loaded the bases and then a SAC fly by Todd Helton scored the tying run, but it was Ricky Henderson's errant throw to third base that allowed the go-ahead run to score for the NL.

Darrin Fletcher singled to drive in a fifth run and then and another and a 5-3 lead that stood up. Rich Aurillia then committed another error, but the NL couldn't add to the damage.

The five run ninth was disappointing to the man who stood to be the game's MVP had the AL held on, Mark McGwire.

"That's the way baseball goes, I guess," the Blue Jay first baseman said, "but it's disappointing."

McGwire and Green were the AL and NL DH's when they didn't receive enough votes to be chosen as starters, but the two men, along with Manny Ramirez (another non-starter), hit the game's only home runs.

Darrin Fletcher was awarded the MVP trophy with his two hits and an RBI in the ninth. Dave Burba picked up the All-Star victory.

Ryan Reynolds, conspicuous with his newfound wedding ring glistening in the twilight, drank seven beers and threw up once, and that was just in the ninth inning. Said Reynolds before he passed out, "Told you the AL was pussies!"

To see all the boxes (expanded and scoresheet), Click Here

Series 1 7/3/2000 -- Game 1 of 1,  Jacobs Field                  
                     1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9     R  H  E   LOB DP
00 NL STARS          0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  5     5 10  0     9  0
00 AL STARS          0  2  0  0  0  0  1  0  0     3  5  3     2  1
NL STARS       AB  R  H BI   AVG       AL STARS       AB  R  H BI   AVG
Williams    cf  5  1  1  0  .200       Bush        2b  2  0  0  0  .000       
Batista     ss  3  0  0  0  .000        Alomar,R   2b  2  0  1  0  .500       
 Larkin     ss  2  1  0  0  .000       Jeter       ss  3  0  0  0  .000       
Bagwell     1b  1  0  1  0 1.000        Aurilia    ss  1  0  0  0  .000       
 Helton     1b  1  0  0  1  .000       Jones,C     3b  4  0  0  0  .000       
Piazza      c   3  0  1  0  .333       Giambi      1b  4  1  1  0  .250       
 Fletcher   ph  2  0  2  1 1.000       Walker      rf  2  0  1  0  .500       
Giles       lf  5  0  2  0  .400        Ramirez,M  rf  2  1  1  1  .500       
Belle       rf  2  1  0  0  .000       Guerrero,V  lf  3  0  0  0  .000       
Green       dh  3  1  1  2  .333       McGwire     dh  3  1  1  2  .333       
Cirillo     3b  4  0  0  0  .000       Nilsson     c   2  0  0  0  .000       
Velarde     2b  2  0  1  0  .500        Lopez      c   1  0  0  0  .000       
 Reese      2b  2  1  1  0  .500       Henderson   cf  2  0  0  0  .000       
               35  5 10  4                            31  3  5  3             
NL STARS             INN  H  R ER BB  K PCH STR   ERA
Johnson              2.0  2  2  2  0  2  33  21  9.00
Guzman               1.0  0  0  0  0  0   8   7  0.00
Maddux               1.0  1  0  0  0  1  15   8  0.00
Finley               1.0  0  0  0  0  2  16   8  0.00
Schilling            1.0  1  0  0  0  3  19  12  0.00
Olivares             0.2  1  1  1  0  0   9   5 13.50
Lieber               0.1  0  0  0  0  0   5   2  0.00
Wells,D              0.1  0  0  0  1  0   9   4  0.00
Burba      W  1-0    0.2  0  0  0  0  0   3   1  0.00
Wagner               0.2  0  0  0  0  1   4   4  0.00
Zimmerman  S  1      0.1  0  0  0  0  0   5   3  0.00
                     9.0  5  3  3  1  9 126  75 
AL STARS             INN  H  R ER BB  K PCH STR   ERA
Hampton              2.0  0  0  0  2  1  26  16  0.00
Colon                1.0  0  0  0  0  0  12   6  0.00
Mussina              1.0  3  0  0  0  0  14  11  0.00
Radke                1.0  1  0  0  0  1  13   7  0.00
Smoltz               1.0  1  0  0  1  0  19  11  0.00
Acevedo              0.1  0  0  0  1  0  11   4  0.00
Lima                 0.2  0  0  0  0  1   6   5  0.00
Millwood             0.2  0  0  0  0  0   2   2  0.00
Mlicki               0.0  1  0  0  0  0   1   1  0.00
Daal                 0.1  0  0  0  0  0   3   1  0.00
Benitez    L  0-1    0.1  3  4  2  1  1  22  14 54.00
Veres                0.2  1  1  0  0  0  19  13  0.00
                     9.0 10  5  2  5  4 148  91 
NL : Reese inserted at 2b in the 6th
     Helton inserted at 1b in the 6th
     Larkin inserted at ss in the 6th
     Fletcher batted for Piazza in the 8th
     Fletcher moved to c  in the 8th
AL : Alomar,R inserted at 2b in the 6th
     Ramirez,M inserted at rf in the 6th
     Aurilia inserted at ss in the 7th
     Lopez inserted at c  in the 7th
E-Henderson, Aurilia, Lopez. 2B-Giles, Giambi. HR-Green(1), McGwire(1), 
Ramirez,M(1). SB-Alomar,R(1). CS-Henderson. K-Williams, Giles, Cirillo, 
Reese, Jeter, Jones,C 3, Giambi, Guerrero,V, McGwire, Nilsson 2. 
BB-Bagwell 2, Belle 2, Green, Henderson. SF-Helton. 
Temperature: 75, Sky: clear, Wind: in from right at 18 MPH.